Linn Brodén

Circus artist and teacher specialising in slackrope and dance-acrobatics. I also work as a freelance producer.
Phone no: +4631004878
Address: Nackunga 1, 153 92 Hölö, Sweden


  • 2007 – 2010   Dance and Circus University in Stockholm.
  • 2007                 Circus school in Moscow.
  • 2005 – 2007   Circus school in Copenhagen (AFUK)
  • 2004 – 2005   Drama school in Arvika, Sweden



  • “Marianne and I” – creation
  • “Våga -DeLux” -CirkL


  •  “Våga” – CirkL , touring schools in Sweden
  • “Hej HiIma” – Teater Pelikanen, children teater show.


  • Creation for new children theater show with Teater Pelikanen
  • Vertical Dance – creation
  • Touring “My House” 


  • Producing and touring “My House”


  • “My House” – Apocalyptic Circus, family/children circus show
  • “Substratum” FullTilt, vertical dance, Bristol


  •  “Felicia och fåglarna” – Teater Pelikanen, children theatre show
  • “My House” – Apocalyptic Circus
  • “Substratum” FullTilt, vertical dance, Bristol
  • “GOP Varietè-Theater” Hannover
  •  “Seasons” theatre-circus production from Adrian Schvarztein


  • Outside Eye for Ockham’s razor
  • “Substratum” FullTilt, vertical dance, Bristol
  • “Sango” Östgöta Teatern, touring family show, Sweden
  • “Seasons”


  • “Seasons”


  • “Seasons”Adrian Schvarztein production, Graz Austria
  • “Marie Celestial” UK, touring outdoor show
  • “GOP” Munich, Germany, Dinner show
  • “GOP” Bremen, Germany, Dinner show


  • “GOP” Bremen, Germany, Dinner show
  • “Englebørn ” Zangenbergs Theater, children show in Copenhagen.
  • “The Big Bounce” JAM Arts Management,  outdoor children show, toured in UK
  • Outside eye for Invisible Circus and VOLT Lab in Bristol.


  • “Push Me, Pull You!” Apocalyptic Circus, premiered Oxford Playhouse and toured
  • “Lift” Circle Ascent, Commisioned by Glastonbury Festival
  • “Cykel myggen Egon” Aalborg theatre, Denmark
  • “Push Me, Pull You!” Apocalyptic Circus, work in progress performance


  • “Cykelmyggen Egon” Östra gasverk theatre, Denmark 
  • “Alla dessa Hål I Livet” Theatre Insite, Sweden
  • “Battle for the Winds”  Cirque Bijou, Opening of sailing olympics, Uk.
  • Devising and performing “Push Me, Pull You!” Apocalyptic Circus,
  • “Gynoides” Circus Perspektive, Lille France
  • “The House of Curious Engagement” Sondreyfolk, circus show and art installation, fund raising, producing, performing


  • Events for Cirqu Bijou
  • 20/4 to 30/9 Caravan Stage Company, tour in Italy.
  • La Piste aux Espoirs, Belgium


  • Golden Circus Festival, Rome, Italy, first prize for my slack rope act!
  • Christmas show with Company Isis, France.
  • Circus Princess Festival arranged by Robert Brunett.
  • Closing acts, Orionteater, Stockholm, Sweden
  • “Man Made Manners” at CCB (Centre Cultural de Belem), Lisbon, Portugal
  • Short movie with SVT.

2008 – 2009

  • Sul Filo Del Circo, Torino, Italy
  • Extradarte, Pistoa, Italy
  • Circus Brunch at Subtopia, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Peace and Love, Borlänge
  • Arvika Festival, Sweden
  • Halmstad International Street Art Festival
  • Stockholm Culture festival, Sweden


I have sins 2005 been running classes and workshops for both children and adults. I have also been workin for Cirkus Cirkör (SE), Cirkus Normal(SE), Norrköpings Ungdomscirkus(SE) and Circomedia (UK) .