I am Linn, I am a contemporary circus artist and physical performer.
I was born in a small town in Sweden, but I now live in Bristol, UK. I do all kinds of projects, from big ensemble shows to solo performance and commercial events. From a young age I have had a strong need to move and explore what my body can do, I did a lot of gymnastics as a child, but it wasn’t enough for me; I wanted to perform! So at the age of 20 I took a one year theatre course, which led to two years of circus school in Copenhagen and three years at the University of Dance & Circus in Stockholm.
Throughout my circus career I have developed my own unique performance style. Please check out my acts and projects for videos. A good place to start is my slack rope act, which won first prize at The Golden Circus Festival in 2010.

Circus Disciplines

  • Slack rope (main discipline)
  • Floor based acrobatics
  • Aerial silk

Download Slack-Rope Specification


T:+44(0) 7527 196 657
E: slackropelinn@gmail.com