The slack-rope can be rigged in a wide variety of situations; the dimensions given in the drawing above are a guideline only. If you want to book a show, but are unsure how the slack-rope would rig in your venue, please contact me and we can find a solution together.

I will bring the two A-frames and all the rigging equipment to cope with most common scenarios. The main requirements of the venue are:

  • Flat level playing space preferably 7m wide and 4m deep.
  • Two sturdy anchor points, at least 10m apart, capable of supporting a load of 400kg each.

The slack-rope can also be rigged from pre-existing points such as trees, beams or pillars, and I can combine a pre-existing point with one of my A-frames.
If no suitable anchor points exist in your venue we can use fixings to screw into wood or masonry. I can also use stakes on grass or other non-tarmac surfaces outdoors. If no drilling is possible the slack-rope can be anchored to weights, (concrete or water filled ballasts for example) of at least 400kg each.